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Come on and dress me, dress me, dress me in my finest array,
'Cause just in case you haven't heard today is do-mi-do day!
Dress me in my silver garters, dress me in my diamond studs,
'Cause I'm going do-mi-do-ing in my do-mi-do duds!

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From my buddy Lauredhel:

No, your doctors and nurses are not standing there thinking “oh no I hope she doesn’t want a pap smear oh no don’t ask for a pap smear oh no not a pap smear OH NO she asked! Ew ew ew ew ew ew, not vag again, keep a straight face, pretend to make nice, here, get the gear out, hop up on the table dear, spread your ARGH ARGH ARGH VAG keep a straight face, ok, just relax, here we go, ICK ICK EW SMELLY VAG GROSS why did I ever do this job I never want to do a pap smear again phew it’s finished fill in the paperwork don’t meet her eyes oh no don’t make eye contact you’ve seen her DISGUSTING SMELLY VAG go away please don’t ever come back.”

Really. We’re not. If you ever get the slightest feeling that your doctor is thinking this? Move. It’s not normal.
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My great friend larryleveen reponds to my post from earlier this week, on the guy who claimed that courtrooms with gold-fringed flags weren't legitimate:

I met his cousin once. He claimed that stop signs with white borders were optional...

PS: Responses to your recent emails coming along soonest, Lar.

PPS: larryleveen, meet willendorf5761. willendorf5761, meet larryleveen.
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This brought me right back to the salad days of the mid-nineties:
When I was a prosecutor, I had [a tax protestor] who claimed that the United States District Court did not have jurisdiction over him because the courtrooms had American flags with gold fringes, which established that they were admiralty courts and not courts of general jurisdiction. Judge Hupp, God rest him, wryly said, "I'll pretend you're a boat."
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If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I'd been arrested for?

(No points for identifying the thing that I actually was once arrested and put in the back of a police car for.)
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Juggling childcare, teaching, and all the stuff I let slide while I was finishing up the diss, so blogging is likely to be light for the next while, but I thought I'd wave.

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John Murtha kept his House seat, despite calling his constituents racists. Marilyn Musgrave lost hers, for suggesting that liberals were traitors.

California's anti-marriage referendum is too close to call still, but New York's state senate flipped to the Democrats, so we may well get marriage equality in the Empire State next year. Here's hoping we nail down both.

Our House race here in Ohio is looking like a tough climb, but it's not over yet -- one of the vote-counting computers crashed hard, and it's not clear whether they'll have the count finished before morning.
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Prop 5 in Ohio this cycle was a referendum limiting the interest charged by payday lenders -- the folks who front poor working people cash until their paychecks come through.

Payday lenders are scumbags. This proposition would have capped their interest rates at 30% -- thirty percent! -- but they blanketed the state with ads, and polling said they were going to win.

They lost.

One more for the good guys.
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Boom. The room just exploded.
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